Photo credits: Piper Strasel

Hotspit, an American indie band, recently released their highly anticipated EP, “Memory of a Mirror Image” on the 4th of February, which was teased with the release of three singles last year. According to the band “The songs themselves have an overarching theme of frayed relationships, the confusion that comes out of them, and what happens next”. The opening track “Glass” which we will talk about today embodies this overarching concept.

With its poetic lyrics, “Glass” paints a vivid picture of the power of love and connection. Focusing on an alluring individual and their effect on the speaker. The music alternates between a colossal wall of sound and a mellower tone. The intro and interludes feature an overdriven guitar with a harmonising lead guitar, backed by a rocking bass and drum groove to create a huge wall of sound. Meanwhile, the verses take a mellower approach with warm vocals and a single-strummed overdriven guitar that resonates to create a full atmosphere, while the bass and drums adopt a smoother approach.

“Glass” creates an intense and hypnotic atmosphere that immerses the listener in its emotional and visual imagery. It is a powerful track that showcases Hotspit’s songwriting and musicianship, and leaves the listener eager for more.