Sometimes it’s hard to satisfy every musical taste, especially when you play a genre that depends on the listener NOT the musician. Most bands compose their music with vocal lines and lyrics, others don’t. Those other bands risk losing out on a huge number of listeners in favor of what they want to do with their instruments. They follow passion and commitment to one type and one genre in order to satisfy their musical needs and satisfy their own genre’s fans and to make post-rock emerge once again.

Glasgow Coma Scale “GCS” is a German post-rock/ambient band formed in 2011. Their debut EP was Apophenia in 2014 and the second was Enter Oblivion in 2016 which is will be reviewed in this article.

The album has a very deep and realistic meaning emanating through its title “Enter Oblivion”. The band states:
“Why Enter Oblivion? Have you ever heard of people having their best ideas just before they fall asleep? This is how lots of ideas on this record were born. Mostly, it was capturing an idea by singing it into a voice recorder or a mobile before falling asleep or “entering the oblivion”. This very moment is crucial when it comes to generating ideas. You are either able to capture it and embed it later into your songs, or you don’t manage to stay awake and lose it. It is that simple”

Taking a first look at the record, you might find it boring and empty; but after you read the core idea of the album mentioned above and take a closer look and really listen, its completely different! As if you were playing another album, it really speaks to you. It’s the sound of your brain having its “best ideas” while you were falling asleep, what would be your brain’s soundtrack? What would it sound like? The musical lines are so emotional in a way that might get you going just because the guitar’s tone was that sweet. It gives you a feeling that you heard that tune before when you were younger and then you get hit by a wave of nostalgic emotions of memories that fit that theme. That is until you figure that you haven’t really heard that tune before, it was just the sound of your brain. Enter Oblivion is one of those records that can’t be completely comprehended from the first listen. the more you play, the more you fall in love. It’s one of those rare times when post-rock falls into your heart though you are not a big fan of it.

Every instrument had a role in delivering those themes, they were all consistent. Though the drums were kind of quiet, I think if it was a bit faster at some points it would’ve created a heavy epic theme which is the only missing object in this record.

Glasgow Coma Scale are:

Piotr Kowalski – Guitars/Soundscapes/Programming
Marek Kowalski – Bass
Helmes Bode – Drums

Written by: Amged Mahmoud
Edited by: Ahmed Khalil