Humans were born free, but somewhere along the way, their egos built a grudge and corrupted the unity they were supposed to live in; instead, they thought that to enjoy freedom, others needed to be slaves. Music UnLtd.’s “Give Us Free” fixes on everyone’s right to equality and liberty through its soaring musicality and sincere delivery.

“Give Us Free” is the fruit of Mumbai’s band “Music UnLtd.,” featuring singer Shilpa Surroch. Inspired by Steven Spielberg’s movie “‘Amistad,” the tune carries a significant message that demands the majorities be equitable towards the minority, or more importantly, that such a hierarchical structure shouldn’t exist in this unjust way.

Not only the message and how profoundly it was written are worthy, but each component and the entire output are remarkable! The tender, poignant female vocals, along with the melodic male vocal harmonies, offer a soaring vibe. Their delivery is passionate and sincere. The instrumentation is flowing freely along with the vocals, giving a sonic imagery of the theme on its own.

The band’s musicality is genuinely outstanding. They have an organic sound that differs from the Indian music scene and even the everyday rock sound. Owning their own distinct blend that highlights their musicality, with soft rock, classic rock, and folk flairs all fitting well in one well-structured canvas that is woven through delicate sensitivities.

Close your eyes and allow yourself to be immersed in Music UnLtd.’s soundscape, where everything is pure and tuneful.