Garland Kelly, the Nashville-based artist just released his new single “Give It All Away”…Garland is an avid outdoors person and it’s palpable in his art, he’s also an artist with a message, he has something to say and hopefully make the world a better place.

“Give It All Away” has a very iconic DNA within its musical world…it’s a genre-bending experience that travels long ways to create this world…it’s got Zeppelin, The Doors, Black Keys, Royal Blood…it’s like a dance of the spirits of these artists, coming together to deliver “Give It All Away”.

The song starts into full gear right away with its iconic fuzz-driven guitar riff…from the get go, Garland establishes the kind of energy trip we’re going on…

“Give It All Away” feels like it has a 70s filter on it…even the drums sound like Bonham’s 70s big drums…it’s a time-machine experience!

Garland’s voice and lyrical delivery are absolutely amazing…he soars in a couple of places, but I wanted to see more of that! It’s very evident that Garland’s voice can fly higher…I just…wanted…more!

The bridge in the second half of the song is so musical and emotional, followed by a clean guitar solo…keepin’ it clean, love it…the guitar, which plays a huge role in this track also has a very important rhythmic element to it…

Garland really put everything into this “Give It All Away”…and when an artist does that…he keeps getting more, it’s one of those occasions in life when you gain more by giving more…and Garland really gave it everything, no holding back…

The fuzzy guitar riffs are an absolute joy to experience for the first, second, third…and hundredth time!

Garland Kelley’s “Give It All Away” is a must-listen experience. That’s it.

Wishing you all the best Garland in your professional and personal lives, you deserve the best.