While listening to his new single, I noticed that we are facing here a very experienced artist. It’s very obvious that he cares about the production, the lyrics, and the music. Even the music video is very nice. I could see that his pop style is very qunie and it’s very nice adding a simple guitar filling which added a nice atmosphere to the song. Also, it’s been a nice add at the song outro to add secondary vocal lines. As much as the video is pretty simple, but I was wishing if it could appear more characters to it. I cannot deny that it’s a good music video, but it looks kinda plain as well.

Giancarlo over the years released many songs and did a nice work with high-profile artists. So over the years he has made countless productions for many artists, including; Laura Pausini, Mina, Omar Pedrini, Fausto Leali, Laura Abela, Michela Coppa, Nina Morić, etc.

I’d for sure rate his song 7 out 10, also, I am gonna add his music to my library and waiting for his next releases as well.

You can find “One love one try” available at Spotify through here.



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