From humble but alarming melodic beginnings, through melodic metal of differing tiers of intensity, ending with melancholy and desolation, Parham Gharavaisi’s twisting and fiery ‘Ghosts of Nations’ is an immersive listen from start to finish. 

Hailing from the Iranian capital Tehran, Parham Gharavaisi is a multi-instrumentalist singer and songwriter. His latest single is called ‘Ghosts of Nations’ and it is a fiery song with intricate and twisting riffs that carry a lot of his ethnic roots and culture in their cyclic and nuanced nature.

Essentially a metal song, ‘Ghosts of Nations’ is full of distorted guitars, sizzling riffs, mirrored on the bass guitar, and a never-ending barrage of drum fills. The song is also quite proud of its political undertones that discuss murderous ideologies and decaying societies. Parham Gharavaisi’s dense screams carry the message with the appropriate intensity. 

‘Ghosts of Nations’ is a single that will satisfy fans of metal, from its mildest forms to perhaps heavier, thrashier, and more extreme forms. Engaging and interesting.