As a part of their singles releases plan, the LA-based rockers Love Ghost dropped their latest single “Ghost Town” in collaboration with Santa RM and producer Mike Summers on the 2nd of December, 2022. Tackling mental health issues and one’s eternal fight against his inner demons, Love Ghost created the amazing music journey I’ll be telling you about right now. 

Love Ghost took a heavily emotional approach on “Ghost Town” that perfectly fits its theme. The deep bass and beats, heavy distorted riffs, and soulful expressive vocals all transferred loads of emotions to the listener, with good mixing and production that helped all this come to life. The diverse vocal delivery and melody added an extra interesting layer to the song’s structure, as they derive their influences from multiple genres, creating a crossover that’s appealing to a large audience. “Ghost Town” depends on a steady multi-layered structure with well-written and arranged layering rather than a highly dynamic one, a risky move that’s perfectly executed by Love Ghost. The electronic elements were cleverly used, taking over the emotional part without compromising the song’s heaviness; that was a really enjoyable part even for a more raw music-oriented person as myself.

“Ghost Town” is a pretty enjoyable heartfelt tune by Love Ghost. It shows their unique sound and well knowledge of their direction. They cleverly juggled melodies and musical elements to serve their vision while providing the listener with an interesting beautiful musical journey. I’ll definitely be looking forward to more from Love Ghost, cheers!