Matthew Martinez @mattyxslice

Ty Arenas‘ “Ghost of You” features hitting energy, fast-paced tunes, moving vocals, and a sound that is reminiscent of 2000s Pop/Rock Punk with a modern take.

Ty Arenas is a singer, guitarist, and producer located in LA. His latest single, “Ghost of You,” epitomizes organic sound and intimate sensation. He succeeded in producing and mixing a song that can make both bodies and hearts move, and Steve Corrao of Sage Audio’s mastering helped him to seal the deal.

The song kicks off with some mysterious vibes and soon it rocks all over the place. The energy that comes from the drumlines and the riffs gets the listener popping and engaged. The heartfelt lyrics convey loss and watching the person you know change to a version you don’t know. Whatever the reason making you lose them is a line like, “I tried to hold you closer, but I watched you slip away,” more likely evokes a memory of a relevant situation.

Ty Arenas’ vocals have a quality that draws you in and lures you to feel every word he sings. When the song has uplifting beats and emotional lyrics, I see that the vocals are the element that needs to strike a balance here. With his passionate performance, Arenas made that balance by having a broken, sorrowful tone in his raw vocals while keeping up with the pace.

If you ever want to go back in time and listen to quality music, this song is your ticket. But be careful; you might get stuck in an endless loop of repeats.


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