Brendan Rice

If you wish to have some laid-back music similar to PinkFloyd. (You got it!) “Tracksuit” an indie rock band is coming out with a track release on the 5th of August, 2022 called “Ghost of Rome.”

The band is based on Brendan Rice the songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, Tyler Harrington the bassist, and Marcus Johnson the drummer.

“Tracksuit” is based at Chapel Hill they were assembled in the Year 2018 when Brenden called out for the band members to collaborate on his project creating some exciting music that they invented together with incredible vibes that comes out of their tracks.

“Ghost of Rome” is 5 minutes of eargasm that will get you into a different mood, the solo is the best part of the track that is going on for over a minute, and the vocals give out a soft and dreamy vibe to it. The track is full of lush vibes that will never fail your desire of going on the road and going at full speed.

This track is worth listening to throughout a run that will hype you to finish a 5km run in an Olympic record with peace of mind there, this is the most modern Indie rock band that is so similar to PInkFloyd vibes.

Can’t wait once the music is out and see how people will react to it as it is incredible. It feels like it gives your mind off a lot of what is going on in our life.