Matt Sclarandis

Today we take a look at rising artist Juliet Callahan’s 5th single “Ghost Girl” as she pours her heart out in an emotional yet empowering song.

Juliet Callahan is an American singer/songwriter/producer. She started her musical journey with her first single “Numb” released back in November 2021 marking “Ghost Girl” to be her 5th single that was released last September. Juliet connects with her fans through her lyrics, which discuss relatable issues and situations. “Writing is my therapeutic outlet to express myself. But I am also deeply motivated to write to whoever may be listening so that you all can feel like you’re not alone through the milestones we all face in the ups and downs of life. To know that others find solace in my music makes me feel complete and motivates me to keep working hard” Said Juliet.

Aside from being the singer and songwriter of “Ghost Girl” Juliet also co-produced it. With a combination of a trap beat powered by 808s, a piano line resonating with a metallic sound and an ambience that fulfils the emotional vibe, Juliet completes the picture as she sings in her angelic and emotional voice. While on the other hand the lyrics draw the image of a “Ghost Girl” who became stronger by moving on from toxic and painful relationships with people. The song becomes very relatable and hits close to the heart as many people have had this experience before. Be sure to check it out and don’t forget to also check out the awesome anime edit that she released mid December.