Have you tried jumping off a train, beheading, or sabotaging your mind to get out of this obsession, and then realize there’s no solution? Producer and songwriter Kyle Nuss, Atomic Bronco‘s Solo Entrepreneur, and “Get You Off My Mind”… The solution is in one of his solo releases this year, after the strong success of his album “Spectrum” last year.

Only one solution: get you out of my head.. that’s what Nuss can do just like everyone else in this world when he has a strong feeling of wanting something he knows is too bad for him but he can’t resist it, and he keeps trying and trying until it comes to that solution.

“Get You Off My Mind” is perhaps a story of the will and inner fortitude you have to resist falling prey to any ill feeling. “I gotta see if I can get you off my mind” Here you realize that you must prepare to see things as they are to eventually win the best, and save yourself from what you were getting into.

We can describe a track like “Get You Off My Mind” as a psychological monologue with an angry feel, marked by psychedelic vocals, a pulsating bass that creates a melodic track, strong backing drums, and a fiery electric guitar. Nuss’s smooth, relaxing sound takes us on a journey that feels immersed in an area beyond punk, then wakes us up with a garage in the choir and lit up some kind of ’80s fireworks.

Kyle Nuss is always on the lookout for new sounds, vibrations, and combinations he might include in his music with Atomic Bronco, a project that blends indie and alternative rock, garage rock, lo-fi and classic rock. He has two albums and now produces music in his studio in Austin. So always listen to and enjoy his successful experiences.