Quebec City’s hardcore scene trailblazers Get The Shot have made their awaited return in the form of their fourth album, Merciless Destruction. Available now via New Damage Records, the record hears the band incorporating death metal and beatdown elements to explore new territories of extreme music while sticking to its roots and its fierce DIY approach to music.

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Merciless Destruction is the heaviest and most dangerous record we’ve ever put out. This is a straight forward metal hardcore album fuelled by angst and hatred towards the most despicable forms of humanity. With more death metal and beatdown influences than ever before, this record has no other pretension than to bring maximum fear and violence in the pit. – Get The Shot

Tom Chiasson – Guitar / David St-Pierre – Drums / Jean-Philippe Lagacé – Vocals
Dany Roberge – Bass, vocals / Guy-Pierre Genest – Guitar

After more than 500 concerts on three continents, including some on the biggest international stages such as Hellfest, Jera On Air, Summerbreeze and Groezrock, Get The Shot‘s five members remain committed to the core values of authenticity, integrity, and equality at the heart of the hardcore movement while addressing with disillusioned realism the flaws of an era defined by blind individualism.

Merciless Destruction Tracklist:

1. Ultimate Warfare

2. Seeds of Dissention 

3. Survival Denied 

4. Deathbound (feat. Rob Watson) 

5. Bloodbather (feat. Matthias Tarnath) 

6. Reign in Blasphemy 

7. Terminal Slaughter 

8. Diablous Vobisucum

9. Divination of Doom 

10. Blind to Peace 

11. Season of the Damned II

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