Another hit track is released by the Australian band Palace Of The King.

Melbourne, Australian rockers Palace Of The King have had a huge year with the release of their album ‘Get Right With Your Maker’ in April, which they have supported by almost non-stop touring including a huge 8 country European tour before heading back to Australia for sold out shows with Baby Animals and regional shows with Rose Tattoo.

To celebrate the tour, the band has released an electric version of the albums ‘hidden track’ Get Right With Your Maker.

Palace Of The King was formed in 2012 and they have become known for their bluesy, soul-infused, riff-heavy, psychedelic rock n’ roll. Touring constantly with an average of 100 shows a year! They’ve headlined three tours of Europe, spending 4 – 8 weeks on the road there every year since 2015. They’ve supported Airbourne in the U.K and France in front of thousands of rabid rock fans, played the USA twice in 2016 and 2017, headlined the Black Woodstock Festival in New Caledonia and circled Australia dozens of times in a tour van.

The band says “we tour more than any of our peers because even though we’re a fully-fledged new millennium rock band, we also believe in the old school work ethic of the old school rock bands.”

Palace Of The King consists of:

• Tim Henwood – Vocals/Guitar
• Sean Johnston – Keys/Guitar
• Anthony Licciardi – Bass
• Cameron McGlinchey – Drums

The track is full of old school vocals and rhythms; it brings back a memory of the 90’s era with a vibe of a road free roam with your Campervan with some hippie drawings on its body.

The track is so much close to those of CCR’s or The Rolling Stones as Tim Henwood has perfectly managed to create such an atmosphere with his vocals combined with the guitar chords of himself and Sean. Anthony and Cameron with bass and drums also helped with a chilling rhythm to create such atmosphere.

The track is a close version of a soundtrack that is being played in a Drama/Comedy kind of movies, it’s also can be used in that.
The only bizarre element with this track is the artwork. As attached above the artwork is kind of out of theme, as it may seem to refer to a Death/Black metal track genre not a classic rock n roll track.

All in all, the track is really addictive and worthy a listen, I personally will add it to my favorite playlist because it’s really worth it!


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