Finally, they are back! It has been a while since I have last heard or seen anything from Poets of The Fall (POTF). Hearing them again has brought back some college memories, but what made me more excited to see them again was their costumes! Ever since their Carnival of Rust, I have been a fan of their sweet haunting tunes and gothic fashion.

On July the 8th, the band announced that their sixth studio album, Jealous Gods, would be released on September 19th this year. The album’s first single ‘Daze’ was released on August 22nd on their official website along with its music video. I must say it is freakishly amazing! Once again, POTF’s lead singer Marko Saaresto has managed to grace us with his unique performance. Well, just excluding the part approaching the end where he gets like an all creepy clown, more like… Stephen King’s “IT” clown and Batman’s Joker combined creepy? *childhood nightmare* *goosebumps* Maybe I just never liked clowns.

Ok, back to the video… There’s a full moon, masquerade party, drifting, and fire all over the place! This is one track you certainly do not want to miss.

Written by: Farah Wahid
Edited by: Duha Mousa