While listening to it besides watching the video, I was just feeling a thrill and goosebumps of such incredible energetic guitar riffs, emotive and warm vocals, and impressive lead guitar! Actually, the track will put you on the summer mode very easy and start singing with the track and feel all such great vibes. I was really supposed to know that this track was written about 11 years ago and because the Panadamic was the right time to see the light “I suppose the title speaks for itself in the tumultuous times the world finds itself in. I first started writing this song about 11 years ago, for completely different reasons, but once the Pandemic forced us to stop and grounded me personally, I revisited it and with the help of my writing partner in the UK the inspiration came flowing back”.Dom said. The music video was directed by Cameron D’Antone, produced by Sam Thomlinson, and written by Dom Cotton and Gaynor Fisher. Feel the vibes below!

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Mena Ezzat


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