Oliver Clausen

With 2 albums and 2 EPs up their sleeves, the Hamburg-based rockers Sloppy Joe’s get into the world of kickboxing events with their new fighting anthem Get in the Ring. Created as a soundtrack to an event with the same name, Get in the Ring will get you hyped and ready to go, and works perfectly as a workout song. Let me tell you more about it. 


Sloppy Joe’s starts Get in the Ring by setting the mood with a faded raw riff that says a lot about what’s coming next, before getting right to business with a punching heavy riff and pounding drumming. I loved how the verse created a massive build-up that kept on accumulating energy until it explodes into one hell of a catchy sing-along chorus, with heavy riffs, thick bass, and hard drumming, those guys are coming at you with full force. Get in the Ring’s main riff has a steady heavy groove that perfectly matches its enthusiasm, and injects loads of energy into the riffs, while its dynamic changing structure sends you off your seat headbanging till the very end. 


Get in the Ring is a relentless, extremely energetic tune with an unstoppable groove and a dynamic progression that only moves forward into a faster and heavier sound. Sloppy Joe’s influences are loud and clear, those guys learned from the best and they have the talent to take all those influences in and add their unique touch, creating something fresh, modern, and their very own. Looking forward to more from Sloppy Joe’s, keep on rocking guys. Cheers!