Okay, first let me start with the music, it’s pretty easy actually to describe it because you will fin d9 INSANE ROCKIN” TRACKS! They are full of energy, melodic riffs, old-school vibes, along with many great classic and hard rock inspirations such as Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple,  Black Country Communion, and Rainbow. Although The album song title is my favorite, still, I cannot deny that I loved the diversity of the rest, if we gonna get the back to the late ’80s and early ’90s you would find an album that all songs kinda similar, which gives me a feeling of a mono-rock sound, but what I loved about Electric Haze record that they were very keen about their diversity in each track, also, in their songwriting too. Simply, then don’t follow patterns like any other. These incredible Swedish dudes since 2016 were capable to generate over 165,000 streams on Spotify alone through several single releases and one self-titled EP. And today, they are back with a great hard rock full-length and let me tell you this, these guys are gonna be rock icons soon. 

Let’s talk more technical now, which is divided into two parts, the first sound technicalities, which is REALLY AWESOME! Imagine that you’re listening to a pure ’80s rock sound with a modern arrangement of today… IMPRESSIVE GUYS! And I believe the mixing and mastering processes had a great impact to deliver such a record. Well, my second part is the band were very keen on the after-release issue, which not many artists and bands consider today, they take it slightly by just posting on social media, these dudes were keen to release physical releases and digitally as well through Idle North Records and they were also keen about the distribution process and covering several territories Sound Pollution (Scandinavia), Rough Trade (Europe), and Amuse (digital). Well done, guys! And you…mark your calendar on May the 28th to the best HARD ROCK ALBUM OF THE YEAR! 😉 

Electric Haze on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and Spotify.


Mena Ezzat


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