‘Get Him To The Greek’ is a Comedy Rock-movie, which was released back in 2010; starring Jonah Hill and Russell Brand. The movie was written, produced and directed by Nicholas Stoller. The movie discusses the personal life of a famous Rockstar after his fall, due to producing a song against the African society and how events developed with him from a falling star and back to the top again.

The movie had several points that should be discussed separately:

The Same bad Image of a RockStar:

The movie continues to have the same bad image for any star, especially who chose Rock music to for a career. The front man Aldous Snow of the mentioned band in the movie Infant Sorrow, cares about nothing, but himself. His main target in life is drugs and sex. The Movie also portrays how Snow only cares for money. 


There is no doubt that the acting was excellent. The actors did their best in the movie and they delivered their emotions and feelings very well through their acting. 

Sex And Drugs All The Time  

88% from the movie’s dialogue was about drugs and sex and a big portion of the scenes were about the same subjects as well, and that really drove me crazy. When Aaron was sent to bring Snow to L.A for the tenth anniversary of his legendary performance at the Greek Theatre – hence the name. Snow showed Aaron the dark side of being a famous rock star by clubbing, drinking, sex and drugs. The real question here, was why did the movies and the society portray the difference in a negative image? It is not only about music, it is a matter of difference. Society refuses any difference and it keeps is distorted.


Where is the Music?

As I waited to watch where the music will play a part of the movie, as I thought the music would be part of the theme, but the movie revolved around Aldous Snow. The movie doesn’t show any of the band members and their relations with each other, how they produce their music and I could never imagine that one man could control his band although it’s a teamwork. The usage of the music was supposed to be more than that.


Love, Loneliness and Human Feelings:

I can’t deny that the movie contained some good scenes and ideas as fame doesn’t support care, and love. 

Clothes And Accessories:

The outfits of all actors were suitable for them expect for Russell Brand because, his clothes style was familiar to pop style more than rock one, as well as the accessories.

Finally, and after the discussing of all points, I loved the humanities’ parts in the movie and the matter of feelings but the scenes of drugs and sex wasn’t very comfortable and the main subject is not clearly discussed.

I give the movie 5 out of 10.

Written by: Rana Atef

Edited by: NJ Bakr