Taking his game to the next level, the German one-man project Band W/O Band drops his latest massive headbanger “Get Down”. Building upon his previous work while carefully crafting his own sound,  Band W/O Band’s “Get Down” shows loads of maturity and relentless heaviness. Let me tell you more about it.

“Get Down” cements Band W/O Band’s industrial sound. The heavy pounding riffs sent me off my seat headbanging, while the synth provided an extra melodic texture. The drums are pretty impressive on this one, its dry sound added lots of weight to the riffs. Marc’s vocals on “Get Down” are groovy with diverse delivery, from harsh vocals to mysterious ones with catchy melodic parts, and a hell of an earworm-ic chorus. “Get Down” peaks around the 2:00 minutes mark, giving us an even more brutal sound with loads of energy, showing off its highly dynamic engaging structure, this is really one of Band W/O Band’s best works so far.

I believe Band W/O Band outdid himself on “Get Down”, it feels like merging all the best features of his past work into one hell of a blasting headbanger. The melodic synth and ever-changing vocals laid over a catchy layer over the raw riffs heaviness, creating a piece that’ll please any heavy music lover, and showing Band W/O Band’s seasoned writing skills. I’m always looking forward to more from Band W/O Band, keep on rocking, cheers!