With a profound charm and endearing wit and humor, Al Mitchell and his band are here to provide us with a delicious bit of indie pop with a sound that is just so juicy, and the visuals to match.

Based in Hastings, the United Kingdom, Al Mitchell & The New Born Sinners are a band of alt and indie pop and rock who have a style distinct enough to warrant all the praise that they have been receiving for their previous releases, and ‘Georgia’ is the band’s latest single for almost a year. Returning to the stage with a thick riff, swagger, and the quintessential abandon of seaside Brits, the sick moves of the video provide such a hearty accompaniment to the music that effortlessly elevates from being just a great track, to being a great track with loads of character.

Al Mitchell is a self-proclaimed introvert, which has helped him hone his songwriting and production skills through years of being caved in his room and listening to ‘Georgia’ it is actually very easy to see the effect of all the honing. The song’s wonderful mix is hefty but incredibly breezy and effervescent. Somehow Mitchell has managed to create a mix that has this many synth and guitar lines, thick bass lines, doubled down on guitar, and maintains a certain sleazy lightness throughout. Absolutely lovely.

Al Mitchell & The New Born Sinners have managed to create a stunning single with some vivid, latin tendencies on ‘Georgia’ that would cement their name as a capable trio who can spin a melody and a beat to their best effects, while looking like the world’s most approachable goofballs. This is my first introduction to the band, and it will certainly not be my last.