Like a near-celestial dream, Geography A is very pop in that indie rock/pop way. “Go Silver Go Clover” is the call to adventure that Joseph Campbell has been dreaming of. It captures the heart and soul of what Gabrielle Baker and Olle Söderström are trying to express; the album is one long adventure of two precocious kids sailing away on an unsure journey, guided by their love and mission. Their featured song “Divided Sea” has an ethereal, effects-laden sound owing to the Nordic/Scandinavian atmosphere that the duo is trying to create. The whole album feels like a sensory experience rather than easy listening, this is especially evident in “Coast to Coast” which calls to mind the oceanic titans of the Norse mythology Loki and Thor fighting their eternal war while these two kids are out navigating a dream-pop melody of chiming guitars and eerie mellotron. “Tierra del Fuego” sees chords and lyrics blending seamlessly into one another while “Northern to Southern Hemisphere” resembles the chant of the sirens luring weary sailors into their succubus-like cocoons of reverbs and echo.
Geography A sees the band’s strongest connection to the Cocteau Twins, sealing a fresh, beguiling piece of music that evokes escapist tendencies so fitting of our modern, nerve-wracking times.

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Jaylan Salah