Jelena Radic

Prepare yourself for a fun tune that tells a haunting story via gorgeous poetry and colorful arrangements courtesy of a talented group of gentlemen with Scot Free Sessions’ ‘Geoff’s Ghost’.

The Edmonton-based group’s beating heart is Scot Robinson, a songwriting powerhouse with an intimidatingly imaginative mind for storytelling. On Geoff’s Ghost Scor acquired the help of a truly fine group of musicians, Bobby Cameron sings and plays the rapid-fire rhythm guitar, Kenny Aronoff delivers the steady and driving groove on the drums, the great James LoMenzo on the warm and cozy bass, and the grammy-winning Joel Guzman delivers one the most unique, playful, and memorable melodies on the accordion.

The heart of the whole thing is of course Geoff.. Or his ghost, to be precise,. and the suitcase he left for his mom before he passed, and his mom herself. A touching story about characters that get surprisingly well fleshed-out for a 4-and-a-half-minute song. The words are playful and tight, elegantly painting the full picture with great efficiency, to finally deliver a touching message and even a possible lesson to some of us. 

The music is equally playful, and with such an illustrious band, everything is delivered with respectable restraint and proficiency, no complaints about the arrangement or the mix at all, both are a pleasure. The cherry on top has to be the quirky line played on the accordion, not talking about the ridiculously good accordion solo, mind you, that’s a whole other level of cool! It takes a certain talent to make something so supposedly out of place fit right like that.

Pure joy from start to finish, and no less was expected from such an amazing group of musicians and a talented award-winning lyricist such as Mr. Robinson.