Generation Mawazine is the gathering of a whole Moroccan generation around the same passion: Music. A space of young people of all categories shall be exercised in artistic expression. A nursery of creativity and pool of talent, a happy occasion to reach a huge public for several weeks and several cities in Morocco.

And here is the time of performing the category of Rock, all the bands are quite scared and confused … 10 bands with 10 different music style and here is some confession about the casting of each band.

1- Q: Introduce your band.
A: Hello my name is Sofia and I am the vocalist of the Simples band.
Q: What kind of music you play?
A: Rock and alternative English rock.
Q: could you say something about your performance?
It was good and this is our first time her in Mawazine generation, I really like the Moroccan audience and I hope we could satisfy them.

blank2- Q: What is the name of your band?
We are REBELLION CLINIC and we play psychedelic music rock in “DARIGA” ‘(Moroccan language).

3- Q: what could you tell me about your performance ?
We did a good job and we hope the jury like our music and of course we hope to qualify to the semifinal too.

4- Q: Zoubida Fenish is that your band name?
A: Yes, I try to be more like Norah Jones and Patti Smith but we play Rock music.blank

5- Q: what’s your feeling about your performance?
A- Great I’m so thankful to the Mawazine generation and I want you to know that I’m about to finish my album and I came here to realize my dream to win and recording my album in real studio. Thank you.

6- Q: Who are you?
A: We are the peace call band and we play Rock N roll, our music is about life, after life, love and hate and all about things that we have been touched in this life.

7- Q: Are you happy about your performance in front of jury and public?
A: Yes we are proud about what we played and we hope to pass to the semifinal. Thank you.

blank8- Q: Winds of Tornado, what does it mean?
A: The name comes from the nickname of our leader because when he was a little kid the named the Tornado and we added winds.

9- Q: what kind of music do you play?
A: Oriental metal and there is no band in morocco plays this kind.

10- Q: and what about your performance?
A: I think it was the best thing in my life that we passed in Mawazine generation ,they gave us a chance to show people our music as well because our kind is new in morocco and we play it in Moroccan language.

11- Q: could you tell me about your band?
A: the bands’ name Mizano and it came from the word of balance. We play fusion jazz music.

12- Q: what do you think about your performance?
A: Actually it was our first time that we played in a huge scene and also the first time to be in Mawazine generation.

13- Q: how do you describe your music to people?
A: Our song are about life style and problems in society like education and human rights.

14- Q: Wow! That’s good then and what could you tell me about your performance ?
A: It was a hell of a good experience to play in Mawazine generation and it was an opportunity to make friends from other bands.

15- Q: who are you?
A: We are the experience band we play funk and rock music. We are just 3 members but we rock the stage.

16- Q: how did you do in this performing?
A: Great performing ever and this is our second time to be here and I think this year it was better than last year. Thank you.

17- Q: Name of the band?
A: Rimchat.

18- Q: what type of band you are ?
A: Our type is reggae soul and jazz music and we are from different nationality like Africa and Europe, unfortunately I get the flu and my voice was really terrible in the stage. I did my best. The feeling was great because it’s our first time to be here and to know the other band with different music style.

blank19- Q: What’s the name of your bands?
A: Sief Vai project.

20- Q: what kind of music you play?
A: We play funk and rock music.

21- Q: could you tell me about the levels of all these bands?
A: They were good with too much energy and creativity on the stage.

22- Q: and what about you? Are you satisfied about your performance on the stage?
A: Actually I’m not quite sure that we were not as good as the other bands and not at our best, it’s kind of disappointed but I think it was a good experience.

22- Q: From 1 to 10 how much you give the other bands?
A: Generally I give them 12 and I give us 3.7 (Laughs)

Reviewed by: Sally
Photography by: Jacob Zawaq and Sally