Garth Adam’s flourishing solo career was first ignited in the early 2000s. A visit to Willie Nelson’s studio gave him the perspective shift he needed to fulfil his musical calling, going on to develop an alt-rock, folk-influenced signature sound. With music that speaks to both physical and emotional journeys, Garth’s two decades of release have shown consistent growth in his songwriting.

Garth’s latest release is ‘Say You’ll Come With Me’, a three-track EP that emerged from the pandemic lockdowns and geographical challenges. Opening with the title track, the artist sets out by cementing the optimism and search for joy present across the whole project. Sunshine-drenched and plucky, the track is an ode to emerging back into normal life. ‘Forever And A Day’ is up next, a bouncy story filled with love and gleaming instrumentation. Finally, we get ‘Tell Me One More Thing’ is a witty take on the ups and downs of relationships, with a driven atmosphere and whimsical attitude.

Garth shares, “It was a happy session in Perth recording the EP and that’s reflected in the way it turned out, Melvin Tree, my longtime friend Dave Kelly and I play all the instruments. We work through the songs in a circle in the studio and once they are right, we record them on an old Studer analog desk. I was lucky to have Lisa and Keely O’Brien to add the wonderful backing vocals. This EP comes from a particularly fruitful creative period for me, during which I’ve spent more time writing and recording than ever before.”

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