“Garrison Lane” brings the addictively wistful side of us all on this fusion of Alt-Rock and Indie-Rock.

Due to be released on April 3rd, the song is the follow-up to his debut EP “Live from a Dark Room”, released last year.

Compared to previous work, “Garrison Lane” has a fuller, more rounded sound influenced by the songwriting of Nick Cave and Leonard Cohen.

The overall composition of the song beautifully wraps the story of heartbreak and instead transports us to fully experience the bitterness through the soothing sound of Prince of Sweden’s guitar and his rich voice.

The electric guitar kicks off and closes the song, accompanied by slow tempo drums and other guitars.

The lyrics slowly disclose the story speaking from a first-person perspective, describing the events during a day at Garrison Lane.

The vocals are wonderful. Prince of Sweden’s voice could be giving the worst of news, but if he does it the same way he sings his music, you wouldn’t even notice what is happening. Even though it has a thick tone, the way he sings out the words provide a very breathy ambience to the song.

Overall, this low-key artist is coming in with loud steps and is someone to watch out for and follow up. He has a distinct style that stands out, and we are looking forward to more of his music.

Interestingly, the London-based singer and songwriter learned to play the guitar from his neighbour living on a farm across from his house.

For more, visit Prince of Sweden’s website, find his music on Spotify, Soundcloud or Youtube, and follow him up on Instagram and Facebook.