Ali Nugent

There comes a time in life when we have been in the dark for too long and do not want to return to the light. We become friends with the night and lose interest in seeing the sun. We become trapped in our own dreams, and the only use of our eyes is to close them like a curtain. Long Neck’s “Gardener” captures this feeling and conveys these nights in a distinct way.

Long Neck is Lily Mastrodimos’ musical project. She’s collaborating with Eden (on guitar), Alex (on bass), and John (on drums). “Gardener” is part of the “Soft Animal” album, released on June 21, 2022, and the song features RN Taylor of Los Campesinos.

“Gardener” is a stripped-back Indie Folk single. It has both a dark and a dreamy ambiance. It’s the kind of song you hear while you’re lying on your bed or ground, staring at your ceiling, and starting to see stars on it.

The song is atmospheric and sets the mood for you, making you feel less lonely with its relatable poetic lyricism. It begins with tuneful acoustic guitar chords, and when the melodic vocals enter, you’ll be instantly chilled. The layered vocals are heartwarming and harmonize together in a polished manner.

As the song progresses, the vocals and instrumental feel as if they’re trying to unite together and resist the unwanted sunrays because, “Mornings are unbearable.” However, it doesn’t sound like a fight; it’s serene and peaceful.

Instead of having internal feisty voices keeping you company in your dark phase, you can have blissful, soothing vibes with Long Neck and their song Gardener.