Carada based band Wotts just released their latest single “garden”…it is the very healing indie pop experience that we needed for so long, but no one delivered…until now.

Wotts are based in Ottawa…and from there they are sharing their latest single “garden” to create a very relaxing and I would even go to say a ‘healthy’ experience through their latest song.

“garden” is an indie pop song with some indie rock elements thrown in the mix…and every little details crafted in the song is put there for a reason…and all the reasons are aiming for the same goal, to give a musical indie pop mood with some dreamy soundscapes that will help you have a better day for sure.

“garden” sounds rich while not being overpowering at all…the overall sound is very well balanced, the harmonies are dreamy, the vocals are dreamy yet charismatic…and the guitar works, even though I wanted more, but it is so perfectly put within the mix that you want more yet you still know that ‘less is more’…and Wotts really captured the essence of this saying…they really balanced the whole song perfectly.

The vocal melodies are catchy to the extent that you’ll find yourself singing along during the first verse, the first time you hear it.

The beat section and percussive elements are groovy while still being balanced and does not overpower any other element…

…the guitar solo is short but extremely sweet…

“garden” sounds relaxed and laid back…something we surely miss in these times especially.

A very welcome song to the world indeed, a highly recommended listen to those you like to kick back and chill.

Wishing Wotts all the best in both their professional and personal careers, they surely deserve it.


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