The number of delicious details in Marlene Larsen’s debut single ‘Galore’ mandated that I find a dead-silent place to listen to the song in, in order to absorb it all. I did not regret it.

Marlene Larsen hails from Lyon, France, and her debut single drops in support of her debut, eponymous EP, and her sound on it seems to take root somewhere in the 90s. With clear leanings towards the angst and noise of grunge, the distance in between grunge and ‘Galore’ is populated by all sorts of very modern and non-grunge sounds and production details. 

Watch Here ‘Galore’ Music Video

The song’s first half remains relatively quiet, with only the fuzzed guitar line in the very beginning hinting at the song’s inherent aggression. The rest of the first half is saturated with lush, modulated guitars that do a lithe dance around the mix, and with them is Larsen’s seductive and pulling vocal delivery. The composition remains relatively restrained, but with clear hints of melancholia and a deep set anger. It all explodes on the song’s delayed and violent chorus, where not only behemoth fuzzed guitars finally reign, but Larsen also descends into a crazed version of herself, wailing her intimidating lines with soul and heart until the end of the cut. 

The rich production job is endlessly clean, carrying the sonic contrast fully and with zero loss in fidelity or character. A truly intoxicating piece of music that took me on a journey that’s delivered with grace and elegance, from its coziest sections to its most maddened. Her debut EP drops in September, and I am already hungry for more.