Hard rock was formed precisely in the United Kingdom by the emergence of groups like Led Zeppelin and Deep Purple. Creating the heavier, faster and more melodious sound, these bands initiated a revolution in music. Later, hard rock evolved into several sub-genres, getting a fresh and rougher sound which lead to the forming of bands such as Black Sabbath, Van Halen and AC/DC.

The United Kingdom in history has many crowned heads of this particular genre, so it’s normal to suggest that beacon of hard rock will still burn there. Future Shock has a musical attitude that confirms that hard rock still lives with its tradition.

Founded in London in early 2011, Future Shock is a band whose debut album Live for Today contains enormous virtuosity and skills; it’s been produced by Phil Kinman and mastered by Ade Easley. Andy Basiola on guitar with his powerful riffs and superior solos evokes the era of the eighties and nineties while Luka “Twitch” Ravasi sings with rich, refined tenor – very alike giants such as Bernard ShawUriah Heep – and Eric Adams – Manowar. Gus Macricostas plays the bass and the drummer is Arnaldo Rogano.

The album contains ten songs that have challenging and revolutionary texts, which will definitely elicit ardor and enthusiasm of the audience. Future Shock‘s creation shows that the influences were Deep Purple and Led Zeppelin, but it can also be found a few elements of the new wave of British metal, like Iron Maiden and Deff Leppard. One of the greatest songs on the album is the song ‘Stand my ground’; with brilliant text and Luka’s vocal, Andy’s amazing solos, with the strong, fast-paced “gallop” on the bass and accurate and prompt drumming, this song is absolutely hard rock perfection. Song ‘Not Defeated’ has wonderful, fighting scream: “I want to be the real me!”, and the title track of the album ‘Live for Today’ is mastered by the ascending scales of Luka’s voice that has a unique height and vibration worthy of admiration. Knowing that all the musicians of this band have years of experience in music-making, it is not surprising that their debut does not sound like untidy, garage band production – it exudes with maturity, seriousness and workmanship.

If you are a fan of Hard Rock, Future Shock should be found on your playlist.