Fabbro di Chiavi is the musical brainchild of the multi-talented Marco Pellizzari, a guitarist, composer, and aerospace engineer known for crafting enthralling soundscapes with a symphonic metal aesthetic…what a resume!

Fabbro di Chiavi released the latest single “Future”…a much-awaited single that over-delivers on all musical and melodic expectations.

“Future” is the epitome of artistic contrast, a contrast that yields impactful musical experiences…it’s both ambient and powerful, smooth and hard-hitting, technical yet melodic…

From its awesome melodic ambient guitar intro, we got hooked on literally instantly…

…and when the rest of the musical elements kicked in, it was a ‘wow’ moment…

“Future” is an instrumental track that comes from the alternative rock realm, filled with melodies, riffs, ambient soundscapes…and tons and tons of excellent and emotional guitar playing, the technique is exquisite and the way its integrated within the soaring melodies is mind-blowing.

We salute Fabbro di Chiavi for the brilliant single “Future”…it is not to be missed at all costs.

Wishing all the best to Fabbro di Chiavi and the brains behind it, Marco Pellizzari…can’t wait to hear what comes next…and we know that Marco is working on “Intangible Part II”, which promises to deliver another immersive experience for the fans.