‘Furyous’ is the band latest release and the second single from the Demon Quadrilogy saga. You can say that Deathcryptopia Experimental Black Metal but actually their music is way more than this. For example, when you check out this track you can find such a beautiful harmonic melody at the intro, which provides a unique rich sound for the track’s output. I believe that Air-Ik and The Garrgoyle have such great talent in mix, songwriting, and arrangement because there are really conceptual and exceptional elements that I couldn’t find in any black metal record for the past 3 years! Robert ‘The Garrgoyle’ Garr has a wild powerful imagination really “It tells the story of the demon named as the titular antagonist of the song. This demon can take on human form and blend in with the human race. As the song progresses, we learn that Furyous is taking souls and using them to become more powerful as the Battle for Deathcryptopia beckons. The war grows ever closer as we learned from the first song that was released called “Death” where the entity of Death prepares for battle himself. Now we know who the first two contestants are, but will there be a third? Of course, as someone very sinister watches from the dark and prepares herself to become the Ruler of Deathcryptopia.” – the band explained. The band stated that The Demon Quadrilogy Part 1 is the upcoming four song EP attentively scheduled for a December 2021 release on CD and digital. Also, stay tuned for my interview with the guys soon! 😉

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Mena Ezzat


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