Scott Chalmers

New Zealander singer/songwriter Hana Maria is the mastermind behind Hana Piranha. While chasing her dream in becoming a concert violinist, Hana moved to England at the age 12 to start her career. Her passion for art and how she found influence in real life made her mix both creating real, truthful art that comes from real life and today’s song is not far from that. “Fucked up Feeling” is Hana’s latest release in collaboration with Ryan Brown (Dweezil Zappa fame) on drums, produced by Jason Achilles and mixed by Evan Rodaniche (Cage9) and it’s an alarm to where surrendering to your dark needs and indulgence might lead you.  

 “Fucked Up Feeling” starts with a huge intro setting the mood for the dark emotional trip you’re about to take, the layering and composition gives classical arrangements vibes with huge banging sounds and this is pretty reasonable taking in consideration Hana’s classical background. The vocal melody played a major rule in the song’s dynamics and progression and the delivery fits the chaotic dark subject perfectly specially, when you hit that catchy angry chorus that won’t leave your head easily and when it’s merged with violins around minute 3:00 creating a brilliant conversation. 

“Fucked Up Feeling” is a sincere alarming scream you should pay attention to, it offers everything you’d look for in a heavy, REAL song. It has a great hook, well layered and mixed instruments, huge sound, heavy guitars and relentless angry vocals. Totally recommended and I would love to listen to more from Hana Piranha. Cheers!

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