Melodic heavy metal; a classy genre for a band that wants to rock out the old-school-way with a tsunami of fast riffs and solos all over the place. This is Frozen By Fire we’re discussing at the moment ladies and gentlemen. We went through their Reverbnation page to find out the fact which is their music is very catchy in a way.

They have two albums Let the Madness Begin, which was out in 2009, and The Quickening which was out on 2013. They can score a full “Good” on the ROCKERA-METER, I respect those who are loyal to the spirit of rock almighty, that’s why I felt cheerful scrolling through the band’s music list, still I wished for more kickass solos… more!

One of the tracks that really grabbed my attention was ‘Powerline Road’; it starts with a powerful solo, tones down the temp as the vocalist kicks in with his hoarse voice.

‘End of the Line’ is kind of old-schoolish. The intro, the vocalist’s “Yeah” that reminded me of 80s James Hetfield.

Overall the band has some strong tunes, riffs and the lyrics are encouraging. They are still fresh but quite promising, we all are gonna stay tuned for more music and more professional sounding tune¬s.

Written by: Ahmed Ali and NJ Bakr