Finally, I am reviewing Frostagrath‘s new album. It’s the first review written about Frostagrath‘s third full length album so, we can call it a little bit exclusive work for Rock Era Magazine. It’s a big challenge for me.

Frostagrath, simply, is a Depressive Black Metal and an Atmospheric/Depressive Black Metal Pioneer from Egypt. This one-man Project, which added new taste of music and new style of musical mixture in our scene. It could attract the international depressive black metal bands to Egypt. A Defective Incarnation has something different, because Baldur Pestfrom Germany was as a guest vocalist for ‘Narben Der Erinnerung’ and ‘Mirrors Of Subconsciousness’. It’s not the first time for Lord Mist to cooperate with guest vocalist for one of his tracks in his full-length albums. Lord Mist cooperated with Sayed Ragaai the vocalist of Sinprophecy for ‘Existence’, the 4th track from Frostagrath‘s Second full length Extinguishing The Flame Of Life. A Defective Incarnation is the shortest Frostagrath full-length album. The album’s length is 39 minutes while, A Journey Of Infinite Sorrow’s length is 48 minutes and Extinguishing The Flame Of Life‘s length is 68 minutes.


A Defective Incarnation consists of 6 tracks. They are: ‘Narben Der Erinnerung’, ‘Forlorn’,’ A Defective Incarnation’, ‘Illusion’ ,’Mirrors Of Subconsciousness’ , and ‘Farewell’.

‘Narben Der Erinnerung’ is something different. The lyrics are written in German. The intro of the track is really emotional; it is suitable for the beginning of the album. The riffs are very angry and changed more than once to express how man blames himself. A great mass of self-hatred and die wish.The riffs movesfrom slow to faster and harder. Baldur Pestvocals are great.

‘Forlorn’, only one word can describe it,”masterpiece”. It has 2 solos and spoken part; a perfect performance for Lord Mist. Excellent riffs and guitar tunes.’Forlorn’ had one of the best riffs in entire album. ‘A Defective Incarnation’ is the first track revealed from the album. It is one of the fastest tracks in the album. It was the known style of Lord Mist but we should remember that Frostagrath received the AFMA award for OUTSTANDING LYRICAL BRILLIANCE in 2014 because of the lyrics of this track. It has a great solo as well.

‘Illusion’ is a great track with strong guitar solo and riffs. Lord Mist’s vocals and screams are really deep, full of feelings of depression and isolation. ‘Mirrors Of Subconsciousness’ is the second released track from the album.Its intro is a bit similar to ‘Narben Der Erinnerung’ but I called this intro the calm before the storm.‘Mirrors Of Subconsciousness’ is the fastest and hardest track in the album, the real feelings of self-hatred.We are fake creatures and non-worthy. It has a really killing solo. ‘Farewell’ is an instrumental outro for the track. It represents the conversation between the man and himself, the mind and the soul, the good and evil.

In a nutshell, the album is really great.We can distinguish that Frostagrath becomes somehow more aggressive and the atmospheric touches still have their nice appearance. But, comparing to Frostagrath‘s other stuff, A Defective Incarnation is more angry and hard.We can also realize that Lord Mist is adding something different and new to his work and every release we can note some increasing in his musical talents of composing. Excellent vocals, remarkable solos, attractive and effective riffs and melodies, clear bass guitar lines, high accuracy, very good sound quality which make your enjoy with every single instrument’s riff and you will feel that the album is one unit, not separated tracks. My favorite is ‘Forlorn’. The rate is 9 out of 10, because I found little matter in the first solo of ‘Forlorn’. I highly recommend this album to you.

Editted by: Ahmad Mostafa