LA-based rockers Centershift tease their upcoming debut record “A Different Shade Of Color” that’ll be out November 11, 2022, with their latest single “From Where We Are”, they announce their unique presence with big riffs, arena-ready melodies, and super cool music video that you must check out, but before that, let me tell you what to expect.

Centershift’s “From Where We Are“ starts with a big hard-hitting sound that dragged me into its mood right away. Right after that massive intro, they smoothly shift into a warm soothing verse with a lovely groove and dreamy subtle guitar melodies carrying us to a kick-ass catchy chorus that turns out to be the song’s powerful and extremely melodic intro. I loved how the vocal melody played a major role in driving the song’s dynamics and progression alongside the rest of the instruments, and the way Centershift carefully steered the song’s structure to serve its energetic dynamic shifts was amazing. Their choice in making this video a live-action one with the band playing helped show their energy and made me wanna go see ‘em live, awesome call from Centershift .

“From Where We Are” is an energetic rocking tune by Centershit with an amazing flow and great dynamics, its catchy melodies, open sound, and engaging riffs got me hooked once I hit play and made me play it over and over even after I already took my notes for this review. I’m totally recommending this to everyone I know, and I suggest you do the same. Looking forward to more from Centershit, cheers, and keep on rocking guys!


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