For Demons exhibits that dark, masculine sound so reminiscent of the dark and heavy metal masters such as Metallica and Motörhead. Struck/Down’s massive riffs, sharp arrangements, layered mixes, and guttural vocals prove that they won’t stop until they’ve slain the heavy rock and dark metal scene. The EP has elements of gothic storytelling, creating a listening experience that transcends time and space. “Charisman” is an extremity-oriented, dark metal track, “Wandering Child” reaches a tempo that brings to mind the glory days of 80s metal underground. “Shackle the Preacher” shows Linden Twyman’s gnarling vocal range and musical prowess, it’s the closest track in the EP to what the main storyline is all about, Father Bernard hunting ancient evil. “The Photographer” comes in with a wilder intro, allowing Linden to release all tension and show his bass-baritone range, carefully hidden amidst the thrashy metal grunge sound.
Struck/Down is a mesh of genres, mixing the spirit of old-school metal with the modern rock vibes which make the sound fresh and authentic. For Demons is the band’s haunting tale of survival and desperation, a conquest toward the unknown told from the POV of an allegorical character who may -or may not- be the reincarnation of the band members’ collective consciousness. Either way, songs are cool, easy on the ear, heavy to the touch, a pristine listening experience for all tastes.

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Jaylan Salah