Although the composition follows a kind of a modern structure, still, the song atmosphere reminded me of the golden ’90s such as the iconic singer-songwriter, and guitarist, Bryan Adamas. It has many influences I believe most of them are Canadian and American but all of them would be in the same era, in my opinion.

“I feel the song talks about never taking freedom and the simple things in life for granted in these current difficult times we are faced with. It doesn’t come without a cost… I think it portrays the fact that there’s a lot of built up frustration, anger and confusion in the world right now, and sometimes we must brave the storm on our own, while standing up for our beliefs and speaking our own truth. It’s also a little about a loss of innocence, and finding that common ground with the “common man”, and asking God for strength and healing from above on our journey of faith on this current path.”Cory M. Coons stated.

I observed that guitars and keys are the core of this song, and I believe they are well written and performed. Also, the voice of Cory incredibly fits the music remarkably. I won’t deny that the rhythm part had a great role as well to keep everything tight. When you check his bio, you will find 30 years of impressive career include awards, live performances, and iconic records. Well, check out Freedom Road below and let me know what do you think, and hey! Don’t forget the solo! 😉

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Mena Ezzat