With their diverse influences and creative fresh sound, the Nottingham-based duo Bone Cult dropped their single Free Yourself off their new album Digital Afterlife, on the 3rd of November 2023, distributed by Earache Records. Let’s dig deeper into it together.

Bone Cult clearly shows their atmospheric sound and catchy flow right from Free Yourself’s opener, it kicks off with subtle heavy riffs and a driving irresistible groove that moves with steady steps towards a bigger and extremely energetic sound that explodes at the chorus, sending the listeners off their seats moshing and headbanging. Free Yourself has a powerful escalating progression that only pushes forward with a highly dynamic structure, carrying a deeply emotional layer within its upbeat energetic sound. The way Bone Cult‘s mix of electronic elements and heavy rocking riffs was pretty impressive, creating a unified dynamic stream where both engage in boosting the energy and then smoothly steer into a slower, heavier pace building up to the next sonic blast.

Free Yourself is a solid demonstration of Bone Cult‘s top-notch writing skills and musicianship, these guys introduced a well-balanced mix of their diverse influences that adds up to them and contributes to their modern progression. Looking forward to more from Bone Cult, keep on rocking guys. Cheers!