Do you still long for those days to come back? I know I do! But no worries for Free Spirit is here! And they’re keeping it old school!


After their 2009 debut album “Pale Sister of Light”, Free Spirit took a bit of an absence but made a big come back this year with their latest 11 track album “All the Shades of Darkened Light”. I must say, listening to this album has been very exciting and refreshing. Well, old school- rock refreshing that is.

Nights of Paradise, Living Tattoo and Hysteria gave the album an excellent start, while the following tracks gave a rock-soothing ballad which you can either sit and remember the good old days while feet-tapping or doing work but throwing in some air-guitar movements here and there. But all in all, this is one album you don’t want to miss.


Farah Wahid



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