Gabrielle Ornate is a British artist who’s crafting her very own sound carefully and successfully. Mixing heavy riffs with pop rock synths and adding her unique vocals to the delivery, Ornate released her latest single “Free Falling” that we will be reviewing today.

“Free Falling” has a big sound and will just keep on hitting you with hook after hook from the moment you push play. The heavy riff at the intro will kick start this trip, it’s a simple riff that sets the song’s mood from the beginning. Gabrielle Ornate’s diverse vocal delivery contributed a lot to the song dynamics and kept it on high standards, she was in perfect harmony with synths and guitars especially hitting that super catchy jump around chorus. The guitar riffs kept on the song’s heaviness going with that thick distortion backed with those pounding drums and man, that solo was a rocking surprise!

“Free Falling” is Gabrielle Ornate mixing heavy sounds with massive synths topped with her powerfully expressive voice creating her own style of modern pop rock. Looking forward for more, Cheers!