New Jersey-based artist Matt DeAngelis released his latest single “Free At Last” on the 2nd of Feb 2024…”Free At Last” is a song that sheds light and puts the focus on life’s challenges and the huge role of support from loved ones…and faith in a higher power.

The song’s themes encourage trusting in God and finding inner freedom by letting go.

“Free At Last” aims to inspire audiences around the globe to embrace positivity and accept what we can’t control… in the end, guiding us to finding inner peace and appreciating the world’s beauty, in spite of the occasional negative vibes and emotions that might hit us.

Matt DeAngelis, is a 25-year-old singer/songwriter from Southern New Jersey who has been dedicated to spreading positivity and advocating for climate change and mental health since his youth, especially that he has been diagnosed with an OCD/anxiety disorder, he has so much heart to continue on and change the world to a much better place.

Matt takes us on an acoustic/classic rock journey through the audio and visual worlds with his latest song “Free At Last”…the song hits the emotional and artistic bullseyes…

…along with the song drops the music video for it too, a professionally and artistically shot video that uses light, shadow, and colors masterfully along with beautifully shot moments and great camera movement…all of that builds up to an engaging experience from the start to the end.

Melodically, it’s super catchy…

Lyrically, emotionally charged…

…and from a vocal performance point of view, Matt is an absolutely brilliant singer who has a mesmerizing range…from the subtle and emotional delivery to the grit of rock vocals and everything in between, Matt showcases all of his talents within a brilliant artistic context, making “Free At Last” an instantly memorable hit for all audiences.

We wish all the best to the brilliant Matt DeAngelis, and can’t wait for more releases.