Some would recognize the American multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Freddie Nelson by his collaboration with the guitar virtuoso Paul Gilbert in album United States in 2008 and again for his solo release I Can Destroy in 2015. Currently, Nelson is releasing his debut album Shake the Cage. Let’s discover more about such astonishing album.

Freddie’s style is very influenced by Queen and The Beatles as observed within his music. ‘Hey Doll’ is the first single off the album, which was also released as an official music video for the album, in which it could be seen through here. Although, as much as I like the album and I am so into classic rock, the album didn’t deliver anything new, as it’s a very typical album from my point of view. I’ve heard many songs that imitate mainly Queen and especially Freddie Mercury’s singing style, even in many guitar riffs and solos.

But hey, don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean that it’s not good, np. It’s a good, remarkable album for non-classic rock listeners. But for classic rock listeners, they won’t find anything new. However, I do like the structure of the 11-track album, in which they are varied among pop, rock, and punk.

For sure, I believe that Freddie Nelson will be one of the legendary songwriters and record producers someday, I also believe that his next album will include many unexpected variations because as it seems and as they say ‘he has a lot in his pocket!’

Shake the Cage has been written and produced by Freddie Nelson. Drums by Thomas Lang, Piano, and Keyboards Nina Sainato, and finally, the vocals, guitars, bass, B3, and percussion have been recorded by Freddie Nelson.

Edited by: NJ Bakr