Ben Hesketh

Unapologetic, confident, fun, and musical ear-bliss are what can describe Rob Lea’s “Freak.” It’s the song you need in your day to shut down your inner demons or outer figures who doubt or underestimate you and allow themselves to set expectations of how you should live your own life.

Rob Lea is a professional musician who rocks hard and hits harder with his meaningful messages behind his music. His musical prowess is obvious in the single and in his free, skilled performance. The Rock ‘N’ Roll-styled “Freak” features a dynamic production and solid songwriting that instantly gets you hooked.

“Freak” is structured to demonstrate how a freak is unique in total, as it starts and ends with a bang, having an energetic vibe throughout its entire 3-minute length, just as the person who is considered a weirdo has a distinctive identity. So, not just the lyrics express what Rob Lea wants to deliver, but also his dazzling composition.

“I won’t be defined, cause I’m a freak.” This is the line that we should all remind ourselves of and use it to lift the burden created by others or our own minds. Fully embracing who we are making us lighter and happier. The lyrics depict this idea in a lighthearted, joyful manner.

A key component in creating this vibrant atmosphere is the brilliant artist’s voice. His upbeat singing and subtly brilliant performance capture the sense of not caring and accepting oneself. He persuades you to accept his message, to steady it in your trembling mind, and to push away any pesky doubts.

Get ready to get your mood and soul elevated and get the “Freak” inside you out to the public.