“Fractured (a bit)” is 3 Little Wolves’ second single, delving deeply into the shortcomings of relationships. On the other hand, It is optimistic, which undoubtedly makes the listeners addicted.

The words “fractured (a bit)” can be expected if you look at their cover. They are clear, direct, and highly descriptive, bearing many details in the form of well-written comparisons, making you follow them through the song as if you could see them.

Speaking of music, each of the 3 Little Wolves shines brilliantly as they play, creating amazing notes of Alt Rock Pop and punk. They follow a modern and refreshing way of making it.

The guitar was the most memorable aspect, appearing several times throughout the song. From the very first seconds, the tone of the guitar sections was very amazing, taking you back to the rock music of the nineties, which I hope you are a fan of.

The drums and bass players kept the rhythm consistent, providing a great deal of intensity for the entire experience. The additional sounds also contributed to the track’s warmth, particularly in the break that leads into sections of the song.

Overall, I think 3 Little Wolves in “Fractured (a bit)” managed to create a vibrant atmosphere with great writing and music to pique your interest and make you a follower of all the tracks they produce.