Fracktura is an Ohio-based progressive rock band. Oculus is their EP released last May featuring four songs.

Fraktura are Karis Tucker (vocal), André Machado (8-String Guitar, Bass) and Henry Conde (Synth and Piano). Their style is mainly based on Avant-garde/progressive rock with jazzy elements. I really enjoyed their harmony, especially their use of elements which are perfectly in time. ‘Gold Spectrum’ and ‘The Fear Peddler’ are two of my favorites here. I usually like bands who think out of the box, and I believe adding the Saxophone was a very nice unexpected idea really. Moreover, ‘The Fear Peddler’ has been featured in Canal Quimera‘s short film, Gravidade (Gravity).

Aside from the astonishing music structure, I’d like to highlight Karis Tucker’s beautiful deep voice. Her singing style fits the music perfectly.

To sum up, if you are an old schooler and into style like King Crimson, then I would definitely recommend you this remarkable project band, Fracktura.