Near Death Experience’s newest track “Found” is found footage indeed, with its catchy chorus, embezzling drums, and intense guitar riffs. The song has the theme of a lost and found person, losing love and finding a new girl, losing compass, and finding a better world. In a post-pandemic universe, “Found” is the track for the ages. People will stomp their feet and shake their heads to this new, multi-instrumental anthem, lyrics and meaning aside.
In a shaky rock scene and an effervescent music landscape, Near Death Experience (NDX) have left their imprint. This band is here to stay with Bill ‘The Professional’ Marten who can shred, soar, transport and burst his soul open with his riffs and singer Ian ‘Lightning’ Whiteling’s breathy vocals that doze off into a world where losing and finding oneself is possible amidst all chaos. Branding themselves as a band that renders listeners immunocompromised, NDX has found their landmark on a rather unknown Earth.

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Jaylan Salah