Artist Pip based in Birmingham, UK, released a heavily emotional and deep alternative rock song called ‘Forniphilia’ on the 17th of March, that will really inspire you to get in touch with your gritty and difficult feelings. The band is made up of 4 members with Jo and Fi on guitar and vocals, Issy on bass and Harry on drums. 

Except nothing less than raw darkness about the deteriorating human condition with this one. It’s going to be a bumpy yet beautiful ride with Forniphilia. The overall sound of the song is a dark alternative dream that will drown you in a full range of melancholic and nostalgic emotions. Your soul will yearn, scream and cry all at the same moment in the song. The soundscape is a slow and dark, with a very strangely interesting cold and warm contrast in the song because of how emotive the beat, vocals and lyrics are, while also encompassing a totally melancholic and dramatic grunge sound. The musical arrangement is wonderfully rich. There is a creepy and soft melodic sound made with something like a clock ticking, with a dynamic electric guitar that is interchangeable in every transition in the song from intense to soft and to a very powerful solo. You’ve got a very fragile and beautiful electric guitar playing that will sway you along with her angelic sound, an electric guitar that surprises you with extreme shredding power, along with an intense rock drum set. The fading vocals with some echo effects bring a really grave feeling that is fantastic to the sorrow in the song. There is no need to speak of the hardcore electric guitar solo too.