Credit: Marcel van Tetering

With mixed influences and banging catchy sounds, the Dutch one-man project I Panic is back with his latest single Forgot To Tell Me. A song where 80s alternative rock comes together with ska-punk in a highly entertaining mix, let me tell you more about it.

I Panic opened Forgot To Tell Me with a pounding energetic punk-ish intro. His powerfully groovy sound is there from the beginning, within the smooth mood and sound shifts that all have perfect flow and uplifting pace. The vocal melody is pretty entertaining and sometimes plays a beautiful harmonic game with the keys, controlling and leading the song’s changing dynamics. Forgot To Tell Me has a solid structure with brilliantly fluid dynamic shifts that keeps the listener hooked and entirely focused till the last note. Its irresistible groovy sound throughout the ups and downs is exciting and keeps me moving, haunted by its relentlessness, pushing the sound forward and keeping its progression towards the big sound it ended with.

Forgot To Tell Me is a diverse-sounding tune with smooth, seamless, enjoyable twists and turns, showing brilliant songwriting and solid musicianship from I Panic. It has the energy and powerful sound of a 4 piece band’s song, all created and channeled by one man, totally brilliant. Looking forward to more from I Panic, keep on rocking. Cheers!