Drawing inspiration from real-life experiences and breakups, Canadian artist Avalon Stone dropped her debut single Forget You on the 13th of October 2023. Teaming up with JUNO Award-winning producer Kevin Dietz, and co-writer Taylor Leith of Sierra Pilot who both helped her reach Forget You’s final anthemic form, Avalon Stone will surely be a key player in the rock scene in the upcoming years. So let’s dig deeper into Forget You.

With big-sounding riffs and pounding drums Avalon Stone opened her debut single Forget You, promising a rocking energetic tune ahead. Her powerful captivating vocals take full control of the verse’s dynamics and steadily lead the song’s progression into that catchy blasting chorus, fully supported by hooking guitars and irresistible energy-boosting drums engaging the listeners as the song’s escalating flow peaks. Forget You has a cleverly balanced structure with unstoppable twists and turns that keep its sound fresh and moving, with an amazing vocal performance by Avalon Stone that reflects the song’s powerful theatrical essence, especially at the interlude around the 01:45 minute mark where her writing and singing skills shine brightly. 

Forget You is a solid hard rock piece by Avalon Stone that shows her deep rocking roots, her well-knowledge of her sound and influences, and most importantly how to steer those influences while staying true and unique. Looking forward to more from Avalon Stone, keep on rocking. Cheers!