American singer and songwriter Kevin Goodwin released his latest single “Forevermore” two days ago…and it has been on repeat since…”Forevermore” is a story about love, breakups and the longing that remains even after the relationship is over.

“Forevermore” is an emotional symphony with a deep and personal experience from the artist…an experience with a former love…and hope-with this song-to reignite the romantic flame and maybe…things will connect once again…

The single is an absolute melodic and musical beast, with a huge dynamic range of musicality, from the lows of an emotional piano playing to the soaring highs of rock…”Forevermore” is an epic journey with a personal goal…and that translates quite honestly and purely in the music and lyrics.

The buildup of emotional and musical energy in “Forevermore” is astonishing, starting from a very simple and contained beginning with almost just a piano to a full-on rock performance with drums, guitars, soaring vocals and powerful musical fills and breaks…the energy is mind-blowing.

…”Forevermore” is really one of a kind…its purity is unmatched, that’s because it’s coming from a place of love and only that.

That’s my advice to everyone who wants to rekindle the flame of romance, or the flame of the love of music…”Forevermore” is your ticket and you’d better go check it out right now, right away.

Wishing Kevin all the best in the world, can’t wait to see what comes after this instant hit of a song.